In average, a person goes through 20 x disposable period products per cycle and have in average 12 x cycles a year. This gives us a figure of 240 x disposable period products (tampon or pads) a year. 

Statistics NZ estimates there are around 1,000,000 women between 14 and 45 years old in New Zealand (stats NZ 2020).

1,000,000 women going through their periods, generates a period product waste of 4.6 million period products and their wrappers and packaging a week = 240 million a year. All going to our landfill. 

Let's also consider the footprint to make a disposable period product and the resources that goes in them, such as water, raw material, energy and labour. All of that used to create an item that is going to be used only for a few hours and then disposed in nature. 

In addition to that, the majority of disposable tampon and pads are bleached and use artificial fragrances that could be harmful for women's health. 

Mint's goal is to create a solution for the waste, footprint and women's health challenges caused by most disposable period products. Mint offers period products that are reusable and natural, better for environment and women's health.

Our Period Underwear are made of Bamboo fabric from China as well as cotton and elastane. We chose bamboo because it is a plant that grows fast without the large demand for water, pesticides and fertilisers. It is also very soft on the skin, durable, breathable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. 

Our Mint. Absorbent undies can be used for 2 years +, depending on how they are looked after. We usually recommend 6 x period undies for a comfortable cycle and there is no need to double up with disposables, Mint. leakproof undies do the absorptive job by themselves. 

Hence, in 3 years, the 6 undies would have saved 700+ disposables from being produced and disposed. In addition to that, the amount of natural resources that are used to produce disposables could be used to produce long-life items. 

Mint. menstrual cup lifespan can go up to 10 years. Saving 2400+ disposable period products waste and footprint; and Mint. reusable cloth pads can go through at 1000 x washes. Each pad saving 1000 x tampon or pads waste and footprint. 

We haven't reached perfection with our products, we still have elastane in our period undies. But we want to get there! Our approach is to make reusables accessible, comfortable and affordable first, so we can make a massive positive impact into consumer behaviour and get more people to switching to reusables. With the consumer support, we can only improve.

To summarise, Mint. was created because of the environmental concerns pointed out above and how we wanted to change that. Throughout the setting up of the business and further research,, we figured out about all the chemicals that go in disposable period products and how they can affect female's body and mind. From there, we decided, we need a revolution and we want to significantly reduce or even stop completely, the use of chemical plastic-based disposable period products by 2025!

Be a revolutionary with us!