Bruna Rodrigues, Founder of Mint.


I am originally from Brazil and have been happily living in New Zealand for over 17 years. This country is my adopted home. 

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, that both my parents helped develop. At age 22, I started up my first business importing acai berries in bulk which I then rebranded, repackaged and distributed them to retailers. It was fun and took me all over New Zealand. 


A few years later, straight after finishing my Commerce degree at University of Auckland, I started a sales job working for a New Zealand food company, distributing to all supermarket chains in the country. I stayed there for 8 years, where I gained an in-depth understanding of how the business world really works and grew into a senior commercial role. I experienced some significant real-life learning with a company that allowed my entrepreneurship and creativity to flow. 


In 2020 I had the strong desire to apply all these years of commercial experience to something that could really make a difference to our environment and to our people. I was unsure initially what form this would take, but allowed this purpose to guide my thinking.


Born out of concerns about the environment, I began to learn more about the impacts of period products. I researched period underwear and purchased three pairs for myself to see if I would like them. They were so comfortable and made it so easy to significantly reduce the amount of waste I produced as an individual! I adapted from using tampons to using these so quickly, that I started telling all my friends and family about how amazing they were. I have not ever purchased a tampon or a pad ever since. That's when I realised what a game changer period underwear were, and how much potential they could have on the word stage, on the large retailer's shelves. I wanted to make this amazing product affordable and accessible to all, and thus, Mint. was born.


mint global australia founder

This is me. Proudly wearing one of our bamboo absorbent undies that I designed by hand to fit all women diverse body shapes.


Mint. was born early 2021. I wanted to revolutionise the Period Care segment available in our supermarkets, department stores and pharmacies. I believe that we can make sustainable period products so accessible, affordable and common, that plastic-based disposable period products will be phased out from the shelves by 2025.  


A circular economy is an economic system aimed at the continual use of resources and eliminating waste. Help promote sustainable and circular economy with us!

Thank you so much for your support.