We get it, period/incontinence underwear, reusable pads and menstrual cups can seem daunting. For years, we've been conditioned to believe that the only way to manage menstrual bleeding or pee is through disposable plastic products. Understanding how reusable period undies work can be a helpful step in saying no to plastic. 


Mint. Bamboo Reusable Period and Incontinence products have a multi-layered system with a combination of materials that allows full absorption for up to 12 hours without any leak. The moisture wicking layer, absorptive layer and leak-proof layer ensure fluid is kept away from your skin and within the protective underwear lining. These three protective layers are then encased by a final outer layer which is highly breathable and buttery soft. This combination of layers and materials is how reusable period undies work to bring you hours of freshness and security. This technology applies to our period undies, postpartum and incontinence underwear and cloth pads. 

Mint. products can be used day and night and do not require double-up with other product. Breathe easy knowing Mint. has you covered.

 Cloth pads, Period Underwear, cloth nappies with absorption layers that can keep you dry for up to 12 hours

Can you explain how reusable period products work?

Reusable period products work by either absorbing or containing fluid. Our period undies and reusable pads absorb blood utilising multi-layered, moisture-wicking, leak-proof technology. Our menstrual cups work by catching blood and containing it until it is removed and emptied. All products are non-toxic and washable.

Can I wear Mint. period underwear all day?


This will depend on your flow and your cycle, however our underwear have been designed to keep you feeling fresh and worry-free for up to 12 hours.


How do I wash Mint. reusable products?


Give your underwear a quick rinse by hand first, then wash them on cold with all your other clothes.  Avoid the use of fabric softener or harsh detergent as this can tamper with the moisture-wicking technology. Simply rinse, cold wash and line dry!


Are Mint. products good for post-partum?


Yes, we offer a range of incontinence underwear specially designed to support you during your post-partum journey, and with any other light bladder leakage.


Are Mint. nappies reusable?


Our nappies are designed to be used again and again. Simply rinse, wash and line dry between wears.


Are Mint. products suitable for teenagers?


Yes! We offer period underwear in a range of sizes, and also offer a My First Period Gift Set with everything you need to make first periods a breeze.